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Messages From The President, Senior Vice President & Vice President Of Hyderabad Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

President HCCI

Chamber of commerce Hyderabad is an active advocate on the issues impeding Pakistan’s ability to be customary in economic development.
Adeel Siddiqui

Senior Vice President HCCI

To attract international joint ventures hard work is a must and establishment of new branches of business and sustain quality job growth.
Najmuddin Qureshi

Vice President HCCI

We are facing a great challenge, but I am confident that with the help of Almighty Allah, and your continuous support, we will overcome our predicament.
Awais Khan

Father Of The Nation

Work honestly and sincerely and be faithful and loyal to the Pakistan Government.

I can assure you that there is nothing greater in this world than your own conscience and when you appear before

God you can say that you performed your duty with the highest sense of integrity.

Honesty and with loyalty and faithfulness. (Broadcast message February, 1946).

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Press Release

Press Release 30-09-2022

Press Release 30-09-2022

پریس ریلیز ہم قانونی جنگ لڑ کر آئے ہیں،تاجروں کی خدمت کا عمل جا ری رہے گا... عدیل صدیقی 30-09-2022...

Press Release 27-09-2022

Press Release 27-09-2022

پریس ریلیز تاجرو ں و صنعتکاروں کے مسائل سے وفاقی اور صوبائی حکومت کو آگاہ کریں گے...آغا سراج درانی بجلی...

Press Release 24-09-2022

Press Release 24-09-2022

پریس ریلیز حیدرآباد چیمبر آف کامرس اینڈ انڈسٹری کے عہدیداروں کی حیدرآباد چیمبر آف اسمال ٹریڈر اینڈ...

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