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The Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry



The Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a body corporate licensed by the Government of Pakistan under the Trade Organization 1958 and incorporated under the Companies Ordinance 1984 (Formerly Companies Act 1913).


The Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry which enjoys the status of Apex Body of Traders & Industry has a significant and most distinguished role in economic development of the country.  It is a representative body of the private business and industry in the country.  Its primary aim is to promote, encourage and safeguard the interest of the private sector and to serve as a bridge between the business community and the Government.  It has its fingers on the pulse of the economy and serve as a beacon-light for trade and industry.  Its acts as the Spokesman to voice the collective opinion, concern and aspirations of the private sector and offers helpful advise, solid assistance and accumulated experience of the business community to the Government.


Main Objectives:

  1. To aid and simulate of industry trade and allied activities.
  2. To promote unanimity of thought and action and bring about balance and reconcile conflict of interest along industry and trade develop liaison with counterpart.
  3. To provide representation to the private sector.


Trade Promotion:

The Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry acts as a forward post of private sector.  It maintains constant liaison with the Commercial missions abroad and takes special care to develop promote and strengthen cooperation and contacts with its counterparts bodies abroad through exchanges of delegations, literature, directory (ies) and business information.



The Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry issues its Annual Report of activities acquired out during the year.  Fortnightly Chambers Bulletin is also issued.


Trade Delegation:

The Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry sponsors specialized trade delegations with the cooperation of Export Promotion Bureau to various destinations in the world to promote export of goods and services and to locate most competitive sources of imports to save the foreign exchange.  Public sector industries and business houses representative are also associated with such missions.  Similarly, buyers and sellers missions from abroad are invited by Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


International Symposia / Seminars / Workshop:

The Hyderabad Chambers of Commerce & Industry holds International Seminars / Workshop / Symposia in corporation with international agencies in the field of trade and industry.  The programs familiarize participants from business and industry with latest market trends, state of competitiveness system, incentives offered by competition etc.


HCCI Operational

The Managing Committee which is elected every year by the General Body representing Chambers of Commerce & Industry.  Sub-Committee of the Chamber deliberate intensively on subjects pertaining to their respective jurisdictions and formulate their recommendations with in turn are placed before the Executive Committee for final approval.


The President of Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry who is elected for one year is the Chief Executive and Head of the Institution.  In consultations with the Senior Vice President, Vice President and members of the Executive Committee and with the assistance of the permanent secretariat headed by the Secretary General, the President conducts the affairs of the Chambers.


Major Department and Sections:

The Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry has a job-related structure to activate the promotional activities.  The following departments are working in Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


  1. Secretariat.
  2. Management Information System.
  3. Finance.
  4. Administration.
  5. Library


Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry Office

The office of the Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry is based in its own building situated at Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road, Opp: Press Club, Saddar, Hyderabad.